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When is the last time your team discussed your tradeshow-based sales development strategy? Whether it was last week or last decade, Image 4 has 30 years experience assisting clients small and large in measuring and maximizing their trade show programs. We call this the “No Mystery Trade Show.”

No Mystery

Show Selection

The first step in managing the mystery of your trade show program is show selection. Do you know why you’re headed to a show? All your shows? If it’s because “you always do it” or that “our competitors are there”, it’s perhaps time to take a look at strategy.

All shows “come and go”. What was a good prospecting opportunity last year may not be one next year. And new shows and “boutique” or “Executive” events are launched all the time.

Image 4 can help you select the lead development and client support opportunities that are most effective. We focus on demographics and metrics, and walk you through your cost per lead to help justify the show budget.

Demand Generation

Image 4 is an integrated exhibit marketing agency. We strongly believe that you should know exactly to whom you are selling, and exactly how they buy, before you head off to your show.

Demand generation is a key driver of that accomplishment. Image 4 uses a robust broadcast e-mail platform which can be integrated with social media platforms, to create interest, drive attendance and pre-qualify visitors to your exhibit.

Let Image 4 help you to know you will be succesful, before you head out the door to the event.

Data Capture and Lead Management

We can talk about how effective our marketing and sales support is on the trade show floor. But professional marketers know that nothing beats measurement and continuous improvement.

Data capture on the show floor now includes a wide variety of technology: apps, NFC, IR, opt-in, just to name a few. Image 4 can work with your sales team to develop and implement the structural and technological platform to capture, measure and manage leads from the show floor to your first sales meeting.

Post-show Conversations

Eliminate more of the mystery. Each of us appreciates being valued, and great sales and marketing teams maintain a connection with their prospects not only through the post-show phase, but through qualification and beyond.

Using our mail and social management platform, Image 4 can help you craft the content, time the conversation and measure the contact and reach of each of your communications with prospects and customers. Best of all, the data can be ported directly to your sales management/CRM software.

Keep the conversation going. Prove value and expertise. Close the sale before your competitor gets in the door.

ROI, Budget Analysis and Cost Management

The trade show industry is among the more sophisticated marketers when it comes to measuring and analyzing the value of a specific show. Image 4 staff will guide you through the metrics of show measurement and connect you to best-of-breed partners in the industry.

An Image 4 Program Review will deliver both the emperical data and our suggestions on where beneficial changes can be made. We’re marketing people too, so we will tell you when your program is unusually effective and suggest strategies for investing in that success.

To learn more about how we can help you implement, refine and extend your trade show sales development program, contact us today. 

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