Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Renting a tradeshow display has never been more popular or easier! Are you trying out a new format, venue, or market? Do you have a prototype product? If so, Image 4’s exhibit rental program is for you.

With our exhibit rental program, Image 4 takes care of any or all the details, from display design and trade show graphics to shipping, setup and breakdown if desired. Your rental display is always fresh, impeccably maintained, and always fits in the space you have selected - all at 30-40% of the cost of purchasing your own exhibit.

Visit Rental Design Search to view part of our trade show exhibit rental inventory.

Download our LITE Modular Rental Exhibit Deck for a beautiful, versatile modular exhibit you can set up on your own.


Complete Rental Support

We can provide you with an onsite manager during the show. Your team can arrive just in time for the show, walk into a completed brand space and start selling, minimizing their time out of the field. You also save on storage, shipping, and hardware maintenance costs.

Take advantage of Image 4’s design and graphics production expertise, collateral management, and event marketing program, ensuring your content and messaging is fresh, effective, and maximizes return on investment.

Almost everyone can benefit from a rental exhibit program with Image 4, including:

  • Organizations with a fast-moving show schedule and minimal time to ship exhibits from venue to venue
  • Companies without an in-house exhibit team – we store, maintain, ship, and set up your exhibits
  • Those who attend very few shows, where purchase has very low ROI
  • Anyone who often changes the size of an exhibit space, is trying out a new market or venue, or who is presenting a prototype product or service


Our large inventory of trade show rental hardware is warehoused in Boston and Las Vegas, with easy access to all major exhibit halls including New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Phoenix, San Diego, Anaheim, San Francisco and Portland.

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