Trade Show and Asset Management

At Image 4, we help you stay ahead of your tradeshow calendar.

Months in advance, we take care of the preshow logistics, communications with your team, trade show budget allocations, and your booth configurations.

Prior to the show, we pull your exhibit assets from storage, prep them for installation, and ship them to the correct location.

Image 4 offers industry-leading on-line asset management software to help you keep track of what you have - 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Download the Image 4 Asset Management Platform document.

Any time and anywhere, you and authorized users can enter orders for exhibits, graphics, collateral, give-aways and whatever your program needs require. Shipping and cost centers can be programmed automatically to streamline back-end of your show.

Once your valuable properties, collateral, handouts and samples are returned to us, we survey them for damage and issue a report indicating any issues, inventory level, and availability for the next event.

Image 4 will help relieve the hassles of a complex trade show schedule. Contact us today.

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